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Republic of Coffee is a boutique roaster based in the beautiful NSW Northern Rivers. We specialize in roasting small batch coffee to perfection. We don’t have to worry about large quotas and quality control – each roast is nurtured from raw bean to finished product for the best possible cup of coffee.


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Republic of Coffee Specialty Roasters are a family owned business that have been roasting and supplying coffee since 2011. Our passion is for everything coffee and always love a good coffee discussion.

Sourcing ethically sourced beans is important to us and we always attempt to do our best.

Knowledge is key, so we are constantly striving to improve ourselves ensuring the beans and coffee products we sell are produced using the most up to date processes and the flavour is nothing short of amazing.

The beans we use for our blend vary depending of the current flavour profile and characteristics that are being produced from our chosen regions farm or co-op. We generally like to use Central American and South American coffees with a hint Asian and Pacific coffees every now and then.

Our new Probatone 12 Roaster is a dream to roast on and produces consistently clean, well rounded coffee – with electrostatic filtration and ozone generators we are able to reduce our emissions by approximately 93%  meaning a cleaner environment for our staff to work in and for our customers to enjoy our coffee.

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The whole bean

republic of coffee specialty roasters

Use a coarse grind for your French press? Use an extra fine grind for brewing espresso? No matter your coffee mojo, grinding your own whole bean coffee means you can switch your styles and grind just how you like it.

Grind baby, grind

republic of coffee specialty roasters

Pre-ground coffee saves you time and mental energy. The risk of brewing a bitter coffee by mistake is lower than grinding whole bean coffee. Just scoop enough grounds into your choice of coffee maker, and you’re off to the caffeine races.