Colombia Castillo Natural


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Colombia Castillo Natural


Jairo has put a lot of effort into this amazing coffee the flavour produced in the cup is the evidence of that. Colombia Castillo Natural flavour starts of very sweet with grapes and sweet candy.

The farm is located in Pijao, Quindio Colombia. The coffee grown in volcanic soils at an altitude between 1750-1800 M. The farmers hand sort the coffee 9 times from the time it has been picked until it has been packed. Sun dried over a period of a week. The fruits temperature controlled during the drying process. To begin with the coffee is rapidly dried in full sun this is followed by drying slowly undercover to finish off the process. As a result you will enjoy more of the flavour of this amazing coffee in contrast to tasting more pulp flavours.

El Roble planted 72 varietals in an experimental garden. This has allowed the farmer to plant new varietals, some examples Mocca and Geisha (HR-61 and HR-62). The garden also provides the opportunity to see how different trees react to a specific climate and terroir.

Coffee growers in recent years from Quindio region have engaged in a higher percentage of specialty coffees.
Educating and raising awareness among their communities about the importance of the environment.

ORIGIN: Colombia

REGION: Pijao, Quindio

PRODUCER: Jairo Ivan Lopez

VARIETY: Castillio

PROCESS: Natural

ALTITUDE: 1750 – 1800 M

GREAT FOR: Espresso, Stovetop, Filter, Pourover, Plunger, Aeropress, Cold brew

This coffee is available for a limited time. 


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