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We are a specialty coffee roaster based in the beautiful Northern NSW.


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Republic of Coffee are a family owned business that have been roasting and supplying coffee since 2011. 

We roast on a Probatone 12 Roaster it produces consistently clean, well rounded coffee – with electrostatic filtration and ozone generators we are able to reduce our emissions by approximately 93%

Sourcing our coffee through ICT ensures all the coffee we use have tracability and the farms receive far pricing for the amazing coffees they produce.

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The whole bean

republic of coffee specialty roasters

Use a coarse grind for your French press? Use an extra fine grind for brewing espresso? No matter your coffee mojo, grinding your own whole bean coffee means you can switch your styles and grind just how you like it.

Grind baby, grind

republic of coffee specialty roasters

Pre-ground coffee saves you time and mental energy. The risk of brewing a bitter coffee by mistake is lower than grinding whole bean coffee. Just scoop enough grounds into your choice of coffee maker, and you’re off to the caffeine races.